Do you find yourself complaining a lot lately? Whether it is about your job, your relationship, or just your life in general, it is time to stop. Complaining about something does not change it.

When you can’t accept responsibility for yourself you blame somebody or something else. This becomes an unconscious habit; you don’t even recognize that you’re doing it.

You usually blame the people closest to you because that’s the easiest; because they’re most used to listening to your complaints. And yet you don’t realize how you’re damaging the person that you’re blaming and you may do it passively or aggressively but either way, you do complain.

It’s time you took responsibility for your own life; whatever decisions you made, certainly after the age of 18, 25, 35 – and so on are on you. Your life is now up to you.

If you have the wrong relationship, it’s on you. If you have the job that doesn’t work for you, that’s on you.

Don’t blame your parents, don’t blame your friends, don’t blame your siblings, don’t blame your partner, don’t blame your boss.

Take responsibility for your own life. If you’re in a job you  don’t like, leave. There are plenty of jobs out there for you to do something either permanently or in the interim.

Stop complaining and blaming others for your life; it’s time to grow up – now.

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Joanne Victoria