Katy was tired and no wonder. She and her husband James had hosted a holiday dinner with numerous relatives and friends; the dining room table was full and the ‘kids’ table was also full, including Katy and James own two children.

Neither Katy nor James could remember why they had decided to take on this big event, but they had. Now they were exhausted.

Exhausted not only because they were both working parents, but also because there was no time for themselves or each other this past holiday season.

After several conversations, Katy and James decided to make some changes in their lives.

They were committed to supporting each other as well as each other’s family roles.

They did not want to get sick, depressed or lose more of the vitality and specialness of their marriage.

Something had to give, or someone had to give in.

Katy and James’ jobs were equally important to them as well as the companies they worked for.

They at least needed a temporary solution.

To begin with, each agreed to have quiet time very early in the morning every other day. Monday for James, Tuesday for Katy and so on. Thirty minutes for each of them to do what they wanted by themselves. They could meditate or stay in bed; anything to feel a bit more taken care of. They needed a little peace in their lives.

It was a beginning, a first step. More solutions were needed, however, this was a start. They agreed to review this and other options in thirty days.

These types of solutions are vital within the ‘married with children and also working’ community.







Joanne Victoria