Do you eat right? Are you eating food that keeps your brain and body healthy to get you through the day? Or are you like the characters I read about in my criminal, mystery and thriller books?

The same themes about eating seem to run through the mysteries and thrillers I read every day. I read at least four of these books a week as entertainment and to see what happens with puzzles pieces along the way.

The detectives, who come from all over the world, seem to eat one of the following for breakfast- coffee, tea, dry toast, yoghurt, bagels or donuts. For lunch they eat pizza; for dinner they eat pizza. Some exceptions are one of my authors who sets her mysteries in Venice, Italy and her detective eats lunch at home every work day with his family. Wow! This sounds amazing to be able to walk into your home and lunch is served! With another of my authors, the thrillers take place in New Your City and just about everyday they eat dinner at an expensive, popular restaurant in Manhattan.

It confounds me that authors do not take the time to see that the star of their books, who are always under an enormous amount of pressure, does not eat anything during the day except maybe one meal. And that meal is usually taken using a drive-thru although the chain restaurant’s predictability and sameness are comforting to lead characters – or are they comforting to the author?

Well, you are the author of your busy life and donuts, pizza and drive-thru foods are not sustaining your body and definitely not your brain.

You need, no require, real food. And at least two solid meals per day, plus healthy snacks for your sanity.

I have seen many employees and managers as well as executives eat at their desk, after sending out for meal from a food truck or pizza restaurant and become lethargic almost immediately.

Eat breakfast food for breakfast or at least eat leftovers from your prior evening meal made, hopefully, with healthy ingredients that include protein.

Your brain and bodies need good food. You can brown-bag your lunches and snacks. You also need to hydrate all day long. Your body needs water to survive, so pass over the sodas, coffees and teas available to you and drink lots of water. Water helps maximize physical and mental performance.

So, ditch the dry toast, bagels and coffee and eat healthy. No mystery about this.

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Joanne Victoria