Is something missing in your life? Are you unable to think clearly? Are you running out of ideas?

The truth is, you have all your own ideas in your own mind. There is a saying: The teacher shows up when you need one, or, build it and they will come.

You are your own best teacher and you can build anything.

If you come from a personal and professional value-based life, you will be able to trust your own ideas.

What you are looking for is flow. The flow of your life, your ideas, your mind. Flow is as much about change as anything.

You must learn to listen. In order to listen, you must be quiet. You need to take time each day and be quiet. You can write and be quiet. You can listen to music and be quiet. You can sit in silence and be quiet. It’s vital to be calm and tranquil so your own mind can provide you with ideas unique to you. Not somebody else’s way, but your own. This is doing something differently than you’ve done it before.

Take the time, ten per cent of a twenty-four-hour day, and be quiet. It takes practice, but the ideas will flow, and you’ll find that change is not just change, but transformation.

Find a quiet place with no electronic device in view. Shut everything down; your computer, notepad, phone.

Start breathing in order to relax. As you relax, watch what comes to your mind. Let it go. You want a feeling of nothingness, a place that you find peaceful.

As this peace transcends upon you, you will feel clear and calm. This is the peace you may long for at other times. Here it is, ready for you.

Now you can achieve flow.

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Joanne Victoria