Do you think you can take on a new job with a more involved position? Can you learn as you go or use your innate skills to get the job done right? Yes, you can.

You just need faith and belief in yourself.

You and I know you do need specific skills for certain types of positions. We also know that many companies do not write a clear job description. You can use your existing skills as a springboard, especially if you have the right job experiences.

If the recruiter or client likes you, and you have established a rapport, along with your charming personality, you can get this job.

You just have to believe.

Believe in yourself, your personal power, your skills and your experiences. Life experience is looked upon as either #1 on the list of what most business owners want or #99 on a Top 100 list.

It is up to you to know the difference before you have that first telephone interview, then another telephone interview and more of the ongoing interviews businesses have with prospects.

You can do it. You just need to trust your God given as well as learned gifts and skills to move forward.

Keep the faith no matter what you are doing.



Joanne Victoria