You have a big wad of money burning a hole in your pocket in your, you are bored and you want to go shopping.

What do you want to shop for?

A new car? A new wardrobe? Some new tools? A new phone? New furniture? Another house?

The good thing is you can afford to shop for anything you want. The other side of the coin is what will you do with what you already have?

You have a car, you have clothes, you already have tools, your phone works fine, and buying new furniture is not really your strong suit as you had an interior designer purchase furniture the last time.

And where will you put all this new stuff that you say you want? Say you do want something brand new: still, what will you do with what you already have?

Maybe it is time to get rid of things to create the space for something new.

Make a list of everything you want to get rid of or release from your life.

Figure out where you will take your old car; have someone help you empty out your closets and your garage, and reconsider buying new furniture today.

You can keep your old and new tools, just in different boxes for identification.

Tools barely go out of style so you are good here.

If your new phone is an upgrade, OK, buy it. If not, put your money to use elsewhere. Maybe donate it some to a great cause. Then you can also have a tax deduction.

Everything you are replacing can be sold, given away, or shared with friends. Stop spending your money unwisely just because you can.

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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria