It is time to feel some joy in your life. Joy is experienced through selflessness; which makes joy different from happiness. Happiness has a range, joy stands alone.

Joy is a cause. Joy is the cause of how we feel after we have experienced reaching out to others and finding peace and solace in these experiences.

Joy happens in our life because we let it in. Our mindful approach to life allows all our experiences to be touched with. Joy is beyond happiness, yet how can we access joy and incorporate joy into our daily life?

Give this a try – be it your personal or business life. Let’s say you have a goal or an outcome you want to achieve, yet you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Your overwhelm makes you frightened and unclear about the efficacy of your plan to reach this goal. I suggest you consider the best in your field, man or woman, and determine what they would do if they were in your shoes.

Then do that thing that will help you reach your goal. Act as if they were doing it. Once you reach your goal, you may (I hope) feel some joy. If you are not accustomed to joy, help this joy grow by paying attention to it.

Once you feel this slice of joy, you will have reached beyond your limitations. You have jumped off the ledge and are still flying towards more success. Enjoy!


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Her’s to your joy!



Joanne Victoria