Years ago, when I was working as a seminar leader, one person who wanted to work with me, as a team member, had a yellow pad filled with goals. Each page had his handwriting on it.

My first task was to tell him to shred the yellow pad. He could take three top goals to complete from the list, and work on those. I advised him that all his dreams could be reached with only these three goals and that most of what he wrote was just ‘stuff’. This did not happen quickly; of course, he was in shock and denial as he had meticulously written his life on a yellow pad.

He did follow my directions and returned the completely shredded yellow pad to me in a large envelope.

In time, he completed his goals, discovered what he really wanted to accomplish in life and proceeded to be a great success.

Writing a huge goal list is something many people do. People do not realize that each goal requires its own to-do task list that can consume you.

When you write down your goals, then proceed  write your to-do task list, you need to keep this as simple and easy as possible.

Each day, look at your task list and choose three items of High Value that you will accomplish on that day. Include on your High Value list time spent on you. If you need a massage, add this to your High Value list. If you have a doctor’s visit, add this to your High Value list. If you go to the gym, add this to your list. Yet the bottom line is you only have three items on that list, no more, no less.

The simpler you keep your life, the easier it will be to accomplish what you want.

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Joanne Victoria