Even though you work hard all day whether you are an employee, contractor, executive or own your own business, you still need to take care of yourself. You need to eat and wear clothes and spend time buying, preparing and driving to different locations to get this done. More hours on the freeway of your choice.

You do have options. If you like to cook, you need to shop for groceries. Or you can have groceries delivered to your home or pick them up in the parking lot of the store. Or you can have someone make your meals weekly in advance, store them in your refrigerator, and you are set. Or you can have meals in a box delivered to your home two or three times a week and handle it that way. Or you can go out to eat; however, this takes a great deal of time as well, time you can use for other things, such as yourself.

As for buying new clothes, you can order clothes in boxes from various companies, choose and pay a reasonable price for what you want to keep and return the rest. You can also purchase multiples of clothes you do like because sometimes what you like today will not be there tomorrow.

Multiples of blouses, shirts, slacks, sweaters; all available on line.

You can have someone come in and clean your home or apartment once per week to keep up appearances and keep your mind clear.

Yes, you are spending money. The money you are spending is not much more than you would normally spend on food and clothing and now you have time which is not purchasable.

Time to spend on yourself, your friends, your family. Time to mediate, to walk to exercise, to go within and find peace. Time for some balance in your life.

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Joanne Victoria