What if you had a special power that would help you live a life of joy and happiness?

Well, you already have that power, if not more than one.

When you were born, you received a gift from your parents. It was and still is a special gift that was given to you at birth. If your parents were aware of this gift, they may have nurtured you and your gift.

If your parents were not aware of this gift given by them to you – this gift which is a part of each of your parents – you may have lost out, but only for a while. We are here today to talk about getting that lost gift back.

You can get this lost gift back because it is yours, only yours. This gift is your special ability, whether it be in arts, intellectual or musical. Most likely it is a characteristic that is useable in the real world, such as charisma, compassion, love, patience, and generosity.

Some of my parental gifts are perseverance, courage, satisfaction, and resilience. There are more, however, these top the list. My children’s gifts include charisma, leadership, adaptability, calmness, intuitiveness, patience, curiosity and many other gifts that I recognized at an early age, yet I was unaware of their importance. It was more like ‘She’s just like my mother or “He acts like my father’, never being aware enough to know how important these gifts are.

My gifts were not nurtured, so it took me years to discover these gifts and how to use them to their greatest advantage. This may have happened to you as well. If so, how did you rediscover your birth gifts?

You each have your own gifts that you received at birth. Have you acknowledged them or are you unaware of these gifts? If you have children are you aware of their own gifts? Are they aware?

We all have gifts, yet we don’t all recall them. If we recall them, we can use them in our everyday life. It’s time to have a talk with yourself and identify what gifts you do have; what has guided you through your life that you may have never acknowledged or named?

I am not referring to geniuses that are born that can speak at six months of age or play a sonata at two years of age. I am explicitly writing about the huge list of gifts each of us has, that was given to us at birth and need to be brought to the surface and applied to our personal life as well as our business/work life.

Any questions about your lost gifts?


Joanne Victoria