What you think matters. It is important to recognize your existing beliefs and patterns you already hold in your life and provide you with new steps to replace those beliefs or habits with new habits and patterns that work for you.

Do you recall driving home and not remembering how you got there? Do you find yourself automatically doing the same tasks, in the same order, day after day? Were you thinking these tasks or just doing them? The repetition of these habits is what makes them ingrained in your brain. These same tasks then become unconscious or non-conscious. These same tasks become automatic and consistent because your non-conscious mind never loses focus.

These habits can be called patterns, beliefs, whatever; the words are interchangeable. The most important advice to remember is that these beliefs can be changed or transformed.

These beliefs can be learned from our parents, society or the media. The more we repeat a pattern or belief, the more ingrained it is in our brain. If there are times you find yourself repeating patterns in your life (you know what I mean) it is because the beliefs are so ingrained that unless you take specific action, your brain will continue to stop, follow what is ingrained and not move onward into new territory.

This also means that what you focus on will become real in your life. If your life is not going the way you think it should be going, it is because you have beliefs, many of which you are unaware of, as well as thoughts that support these beliefs.

This is why it is important to control your thinking, especially if you want to get on and achieve your return to your True Self.

You are in charge of your life. If you find yourself walking into the same wall over and over again, it is because you have a pattern t ingrained I your brain that no matter how much you wish or desire something new and different, until you change the old belief – which proves itself clearly as you meet that wall l again – there will be no changes or transformation in your life.

The pattern has been established; the rut is miles deep and you wonder if you can create a new pattern.

Yes, you can create a new pattern. It is time to change your thinking.

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Joanne Victoria