Your spirit thrives on you reaching out to others. If you perform at least one good deed a day, your mind will be fed. If you forgive those who have hurt you, your spirit will rise.

As long as this leads to body, mind, and spirit harmony, you will be able to sidestep any big drama.

Give it a try.

Harmony implies peace, cooperation, and understanding.

When you have a balance of body, mind, and spirit, others’ issues will roll off your back.

You will have no need to become engaged in others’ dramas except to offer your mindful and quiet support.

In order to act on your compassion, which in my view is not wanting others to suffer, you need to derail your own suffering.

More inner harmony is the best and easiest way to do this.

In order to work successfully with others and their varying degrees of emotions and life dramas, you would be wise to have harmony or balance in your own life.

You can treat your body to good eating, healthy walks or exercise, and read good books to boost your confidence. If you are in personal harmony, you will be stronger than those around you and able to give more to theirs, if only to give an example of a balanced body, mind, and spirit.

Your mind will be more in balance if you meditate, or just take quiet time for at least twenty minutes per day; more if you can.

Start with yourself, first and always.

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Joanne Victoria