Any day is a good day to take stock of your life.

What does it mean to take stock? To take stock is to take an inventory of where you are now and where you want to be in all areas of your life. These areas include: work, family, friends, relationships, hobbies, spirituality, health, playtime and any other personal or professional segments important to you.

Take note of what is going on in all these areas; write it down, truthfully and realistically. No writing beyond the lines, just tell the truth about what is happening right now, in great detail. This is your reality right now.

List all the things you are grateful for in these specific areas. Note all the things you are proud of and all the places you contribute to – yourself, your family, your work, your community.

Make another list of things that are making you crazy, unfulfilled, and dissatisfied.

Decide how you want to move forward in your life. What needs to change in your life?

How can you make these changes? How many changes do you think you need to make a fulfilling life?

Notice what good things are happening in your life. Do you have a new job or relationship? Have you moved? How has your life changed since the last time you took an inventory?

Maybe you never have seriously taken an inventory of your life. Many people do not except around New Year’s resolutions. If you need to, create goals and expectations about the area of your life that do not fulfill you. Look at what you can eliminate from your life – this includes people who have no value or benefit to you.

You only want people you can talk to who you can help and can also help and support you.

Once you have finished these lists, check this list at least once per month to observe your progress. Eliminate anything on this previous list that no longer works in your life and expand what does work for you.

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