You want to know that you are appreciated, at home and at work. It is especially difficult to be under-appreciated at work and it can make you feel as if you do not matter.

You work for more than your salary. I know this sounds odd, however, if you do not have rewards at your job, you will be unhappy and probably look for another place to work, sometimes no matter what the salary is. Your job is about more than money and should be.

Job satisfaction is about many things including recognition, flexibility and opportunities for advancement.

Recognition can be as simple as your boss or manager saying ‘Thank You!’ for a job well done. Job appreciation can also be acknowledged by a salary increase, a bonus or two for that special project as well as a hike in your salary.

Flexibility is another key to staying at the job you have right now. Can you work remotely? Are you allowed to leave early on special family days? Can you work a four-day week?

Can you advance at a company that does not have a significant Mission and Vision? I don’t think so. If your company does not have such fundamentals, find a place that does. And when you do, determine whether all the employees are engaged in the company’s Mission. If there is alignment, then you may be OK. If not, again, find a company that has a great Mission that is in alignment with your values and make yourself shine.

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Joanne Victoria