What do you want? Why don’t you have what you want now?

Do you want to move, get another job, run a marathon, go on vacation?

What’s stopping you from doing what you want right now?

Do you seem a bit restless about your life? If you want a change in your life, you need to be clear and have focus.

If you already have life plans about where you will live, whether you will have a family, where or if you will work, take a minute to go over these plans and see what you want to change.

If your emotional state is shaky, take a breath or two to settle yourself.

Emotions are what propel this focus on whatever you want. You must be ready to take any necessary steps to fulfill any new promise to yourself.

When you create this new goal, there will be steps between the ‘here and the now’, and the ‘then’. In the here and now, create a to-do list of all the steps necessary to achieve this new accomplishment. As each step is completed, celebrate each and every completion step. Again, emotions make it real in your mind. Focus on how you will feel when you are on this new mountain peak.

Determine how this new goal will fit into your life plan. What do you have to change about your existing plan? Do you need to discuss this change with anyone else? Be clear on what you want, how you will get it and commit yourself to achieving its end.

Maintain focus at all times. Without focus and clarity this new direction may get cloudy.

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Joanne Victoria