If you want to make the seemingly impossible happen, then you need a powerful Life Vision. I cannot say enough about your need for a Life Vision.

Everyone needs a Life Vision – or else others, including bosses, co-workers, family, friends – take control of your life. A Life Vision describes what you want your life to look and feel like, both personally and professionally, and how you can make this Life Vision come alive! Your Vision needs to be inspirational and energizing and in alignment with your Values. Without a clear Life Vision, you are constantly reactive to life’s daily challenges at home and at work. A great Life Vision gives you focus to help your imagination make possible what you thought was impossible.

What if you already have a Life Vision? If it is working for you, great. If not, think about redefining your Vision.

Real Vision is about the dream – the Life Dream and the Work Dream. It is about the relationship you have with yourself, of how you see yourself.

Co-workers, friends and family know when you are on a path that is different from them.

Make the time to create the best Vision possible. Your Vision may change over time; however, your first formal Life Vision will excite you and motivate you to live yourself in a better, more balanced way.

The American Dream Revisited with Gary Sirak



Joanne Victoria