We don’t know how to do everything easily and effortlessly, at least I don’t. There are times when I have to pay so much attention to details that the effort has wiped me out. Details are not my strong suit so it takes extra time for me to get them taken care of.

When you are dealing with the side of your brain that requires a different kind of attention, not your strongest lead, it takes 100 times more energy from you. If you find yourself doing something that is not in your daily wheelhouse and you wonder why you are exhausted, you know what I mean.

As a business owner, you probably have weaknesses. Maybe you don’t like to delegate anything to anybody. Or you have very little patience and like taking very big risks. Or you hate details and need someone to take responsibility for that part of your business.

I am the Big Picture Creative, so I need someone on my Team who loves the details, which is my opposite. That’s OK with me as it saves me loads of grief and tiredness trying to corral all the cats and kittens.

Let me take responsibility for the crazy part, the Big Pictures where others may cringe in fear. I don’t cringe much especially if it is my idea!

What about you? What are your weaknesses?

As entrepreneurs, we cannot do whatever we want to do in a vacuum. We need help, truly.

Yes, there are some who choose to go it alone, however, they use up all their skills and strength.

You also need someone who will Challenge your ideas; at least this tactic works with me. We all need someone who will look for the flaws in the ideas. The Challenger wants to know each and every reason to say No! The Challenger checks out all the weaknesses and flaws in the Creator’s ideas. The Creator will not do that as they think once the idea is mentioned, that’s the end. Actually, this is only the beginning.

It is also good to get all the negatives out of the way up front and we can be grateful to the Challenger for that.

Do you have negatives in your Big Picture idea?

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Joanne Victoria