Have you had a new leader in the form of an AVP come into your company recently? What do you think of him/her? Are they the type to barge in and change the entire structure, bury your policies and procedures and make as many changes as possible in the shortest period of time? Are they already changing titles of everyone on the org chart, including you? Maybe many people are getting laid off.

This is very stressful. It is also not the best type of leadership. A leader in any capacity is obliged to further the company, not put blocks in the way. They come in and abruptly disrupt the existing formula and frighten everyone else – this is usually not the right thing to do.

A good leader will help the company advance, to be better than it already is. Many leaders do not realize that they are responsible to their employees, to allow the company culture to meet the needs of these workers.

Employees look for work that matters at companies that will support the employee’s lifestyle. Life matters to them and they will do whatever it takes to move the company forward if some of their personal needs are met.

Personal needs that must be met by a company today to keep these employees from leaving include:

> flexible schedules, letting you work remotely in a way that supports both the worker and the company;

> mentorship or coaching to help the employees advance in their job and have the necessary tools for success;

> celebrations that include work anniversaries and any other possible way to shine a light on the employee.

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Joanne Victoria