Gordon Ramsay is, among other significant titles, a restauranteur and 3 Star Michelin chef as well as the host of the TV show, 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

I recently watched the first episode of the second season of 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Ramsay serves as the host, mentor and coach to failing restaurants throughout the US. Ramsay includes restaurant owners, front of the house, management and kitchen staff as well as a redesign of the current restaurant’s interior in his makeovers.

He is a hard taskmaster with anyone who has a responsibility to see that customers have a great dining experience.

He teaches cooks and chefs how to improve their cooking skills.

Ramsay did all of this in the show mentioned.

He provided a new kitchen with current appliances and cooking utensils.

He provided private cooking lessons for the kitchen manager and his staff.

He brought in another chef, Aaron Sanchez, to review the cooked food and each of these chefs provided constructive and critical feedback to the cooks.

Still, the cooks screwed big time. More than once.

They did not do their job well, even with Gordon Ramsay helping them, coaching them and providing them with all the tools they needed to be a success.

The cooks thought they knew what they were doing, that especially with Gordon Ramsay’s guidance, they would be successful.

They weren’t. They did not do their part well.

They rushed in order to please Gordon Ramsay and in doing so, they failed.

They failed their customers as well.

As a prospect either in the world of restaurants or any other profession, you cannot work to please your mentor. All you can do is improve yourself based on the guidelines your teacher provided.

Even the best coach, mentor or manager cannot make someone do something they are unwilling or unable to do.

You still have to do the work. You are on your own to either follow the guidelines provided or go off the rail and do things your own way.

Which way do you choose?






Joanne Victoria