Happy Anniversary! Today is the two-year anniversary of my podcast, “The San • IT Project Podcast”.

I originally wanted my own live radio show; I know one can do so on the internet. Yet, when the opportunity to create my own podcast came into my purview, I explored all the ins and outs of it. It took me while to learn what I needed to learn; along with the support from coaches, resources and other generous people, my podcast launched on May 4, 2017 with eight episodes. Eight episodes is the recommended number of shows for a successful takeoff.

Podcasts focus on specific niches which is one huge difference between live radio shows. The niche I chose (all niches are limited by the iTunes catalogue) is Self Help.

I chose Self Help as a category because it encompasses the types of guests I wanted and was ultimately able to attract. Sanity is what most people want as do my listeners. The guests do their best to provide skills to help listeners live a sane life. Sanity is my promise to clients and podcast listeners.

My audience consists of individuals who seek to learn, grow and live an abundant, peaceful life. Self Help is the way to go.

To this end, I was able to cover many categories – information technology, nutrition, business management, leadership styles, anxiety on the job, relationships, money, awareness, health and wellness, spirituality, stress, communication and many other categories.

My focus is on these and other peripheral topics, all chosen to benefit the listeners as well as provide them with tools to overcome or grow from any personal difficulty they may have.

Many of my guests are authors of at least one if not more books. The guests come in all shapes and sizes – wealth managers, leadership specialists, psychiatrists, pastors, professors, coaches, industry leaders, tech executives, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, health leaders, confidence coaches – the list goes on.

I am grateful every day to be able to attract the right people as guests. I continue to learn not only about podcasts, but about how people perceive the world around them. The guests speak from their perspectives and it is always enlightening.

On behalf of myself and my audience, I extend respect and gratitude to all my guests and those to come. It is an amazing journey.

Happy Anniversary to “The San • IT Project Podcast”

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Joanne Victoria