That’s a good girl!

Be a good girl and get me some coffee.

Good girls aim to please, toe the line, follow the rules, and have to do everything right, yet not perfectly.

Sound familiar?

How long does it take before you decide you will no longer be that ‘good girl’? The search for perfection has to have caused loads of stress.

Maybe when you lose that promotion, again, because you didn’t speak up for yourself. You had your own ideas, yet were afraid to present them as you wanted to be perceived as a good girl.

Well, that didn’t’ work now did it?

There are still many good girls in the workplace, never kicking up a fuss or taking a stand.

You are super sweet and very nice and want to appeal to everyone. You want to be popular, yet you believe you must be quiet about it. No rah, rah or celebrating anything here.

You have put yourself in to the Good Girl Box. You have succeeded in functioning as others want you to, not who you are at your core.

It’s time to get out of this limiting box, step out and take your true place in the world.

And no longer be that good girl but an honest, intelligent person who takes a stand for herself.

Be your authentic self here-

Joanne Victoria


Joanne Victoria