Stick-to-itiveness – do you have it? It means you are dogged, determined and dedicated to something, hopefully something important.

Are you dedicated to your Life Vision and your Mission here on Earth? Are you easily diverted from this path by shiny objects or fear?

Pick one. Shiny objects can be ignored, fear cannot.

Some people are easily distracted into fear. Maybe because they did not get enough likes on their Social Media, or were trapped in a traffic jam. To others, this is just another day.

If you are reviewing your Life Vision every thirty days, you should be OK. Along with your Vision and Mission, you have created goals.

Goals are part of the plan to help you move forward. Goals can include issues about your brain, body and spirit.

If you create a goal for your mind and body, is this path still one you want to keep on keeping on?

If not, change it. Anything can be changed. It is your life, your mission, your goals.

If you don’t like them and they’re not effective, change them. You cannot change you; however, you can change your goals.

Just don’t give up. Don’t let simple issues take you down.

Get some support. Don’t hang out with negative people.

If you think you are failing yourself, regroup. Rip up that old Life Vision and start again.

Remember to review everything every thirty days.

Practice stick-to-itiveness. Be determined about your life.

No one else will ever be as determined as you are for yourself.

Be your Authentic Self here-

Joanne Victoria