To be generous is not about giving others money nor is it about charity. Generosity is about the giving of yourself, your heart, your talent, your willingness to help someone who needs if from you.

If you give someone the benefit of the doubt, at work or at home, this is an act of generosity. How many times lately have you backed off of someone’s actions and done just that? You do not know all of how others feel and act, so it is in your and the others’ best interest to give them the benefits of your doubt.

As the leader in your own life as well as at work, if you provide the authority along with the responsibility for your workers’ ideas, you have then given them your generosity of spirit, generosity of your heart.

Time is a great part of generosity. The time you give others is precious, whether it be at work or with your family. Spending time with you is a gift you give yourself as well.

Everyone around you is a part of your success. I have had many mentors in my life and their generosity toward me, without asking anything in return except my own success, was received with much appreciation and love.

Who knew that if someone supports you with knowledge, that this is a form of generosity?

It is and we should, yes, should, do it on a more consistent basis.

My weekly conversations with my accountability coach are much appreciated and nourishing.

Who are you being generous with lately? Who do you trust to be generous to you when you are stuck?

Be your authentic self here-


Joanne Victoria