What do you want?

It is a question I ask of people who want to work with me. What do you want? The next question is Why? Why do you want what you say you want?

The question ‘Why?’ then gets into specifics. For example, if you want One Million Dollars and you will use Two Hundred Thousand dollars to fund a foundation to help prevent cancer, this then becomes a goal.

This goal or outcome will only happen once you start to focus. Specific, intense focus on what you want as well as acting ‘as if’ you already have a functioning foundation, will help you to achieve this dream. How do you feel now knowing that you have created this massive opportunity for cancer sufferers to live a full life?

Emotions are what propel this focus on whatever you want. You need to be thrilled at the outcome, grateful that it succeeded (in your mind first) and you must be ready to take any necessary steps to fulfill this promise to yourself.

When you create this massive goal, there will also be steps between the ‘here and the now’, and the ‘then’. In the here and now, create a to-do list of all the steps necessary to achieve the foundation completion. As each step is completed, celebrate each and ever completion step. Again, more emotions to make it real in your mind.

Once it is real in your mind, it is also real to those around you as well. Share your dream with those you trust and let their emotions help move you forward.

Keep your list with you and create and sub-lists to complete this process.

Start to focus first on the big picture, then on each individual task, and remember to celebrate the completion of each step along the way.

Focus on each step because until you complete one step you cannot go on to the next.

Keep this focus with you at all times.

Adjust your schedule so you are not distracted by petty uses of your time. You need to focus on your foundation, focus on the steps to get there and celebrate each and every move along the way.

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Joanne Victoria