Everybody lies, especially to themselves. You say ‘I’m fine’ when someone asks you how you are when in reality (yours that is) you are lonely and miserable.

When asked how your job is, you, again, say ‘It’s fine’, when again, in reality (yours) you hate the people you work with and put on a happy face on a daily basis, which can be exhausting.

Why are you not honest with yourself? Why do you treat yourself with disdain instead of telling your truth? If you don’t have a friend to share your issues with, get a coach or a therapist. Each in their own way can help you.

This self-deceit, this lack of honesty comes from lack of confidence.

Are you consistently allowing others to perceive you as other than you truly are? Why do you hide the truth about yourself? This sounds a bit like high school where you would do whatever it takes to be ‘liked’ by the right social groups.

In doing this ‘please like me’ bit, you gave up on your true self in order to be a part of what you perceived was a group not worthy of you. You made yourself into something you are not just to be liked.

How would your life be if you followed this path to this day; lying about yourself in order to be liked?

You give up a part of yourself every time you take this action.

Practice loving kindness towards yourself until you get to the point that you now trust yourself, again.

Once you love who you are, you will have less need to lie about yourself, even if you do not tell the entire truth about the real you to others.

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Joanne Victoria