Over half of the work force is experiencing work place burnout. This statistic is way up from 20 years ago when the stats were 18%. Now it is closer to 50%.

In the Technology world, the people who experience work place burnout the most are mid-executive women. These women see the attainment of harmony in the work/life relationship as nearly impossible. Nearly, but not totally, impossible.

Michele, a mid-level executive at a telecommunications company, is burned out.

Michele is burned out at work and at home. Michele and her husband have three children. They each have full-time stressful jobs. She and her husband recently remodeled their new home- by themselves!

Is it any wonder that holiday gift shopping is on their (very) short list? However, they cannot disappoint the kids, right?

In order to get her sanity back, Michele decided to work remotely until after the holidays. She may have to go into the office once or twice, but she can handle that.

It’s better if her husband goes in at least three days per week, working remotely the other two days.

They decided this temporary schedule would work for them so neither of them would reach the burnout flame stages.

This family needs a bit of help in balancing out their work/life plan.

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Joanne Victoria