Being either a Techie or a Non-Techie in the Techie World is not easy.

Most think this is a cool, party environment to work in; it’s not

When you join a company and start working, you come to know the other side of the story.

  • Extended working hours
  • Meeting deadlines
  • 24*7 operations for mission critical projects
  • Work pressure
  • Difficulty in maintaining work-life balance

An average Techie Pro faces these and more difficulties in an average Tech or Communications company. The most critical on this being the difficulty in maintaining a healthy work/life balance and the added stress because of this.

What can you do while working your butt off and not releasing stress?

1) Workout

This is one of the best ways to reduce your stress level. Post work, make it a point to hit the gym to release the stress in the form of workout. If you don’t have time to visit the gym, you can go for a jog in the park or can engage in home exercises. The important thing is to engage in some physical activity that you can use to channel the stress out of your body.

2) Play an outdoor sport

If you find jogging or working out in the gym too monotonous, you have an alternative. It can be football, tennis, bike riding or anything that you enjoy. Apart from being a recreational activity, this is a huge stress buster. Moreover, it teaches you sportsmanship spirit, helps you in socializing and being competitive.

3) Volunteer for social causes

There is no better joy than the joy of giving. Once a week or once per month, make it a point to engage in social causes. It can be working at your local food bank, teaching the local kids, cleaning up the park etc. These activities may sound very small, but they impact our lives and the lives around us in a positive way. Not to forget that these activities can prove to be an excellent stress buster.

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Joanne Victoria