Things change all the time. You may not change, but the world of you and the greater world is in constant motion.

What does this mean for you?

How are you adapting to this world around you?

Does it make you angry or sad? Is it time for you to do something new with your life to encompass all your skills or sit back and enjoy this ride you have created?

Everything changes and you have to adapt. You’ve heard the words “Adapt or die.’ They are true words although the death it refers to is not only a physical death but a death of expectations: expectations you had of yourself, your small world, and the big world.

Let go of expectations while you are on this path. Expectations, especially high expectations, which may or may not be achievable, can disappoint you especially if they are not achieved.

Do not be attached to any expectations and make yours as reasonable as possible especially if you have a low threshold to change and achievement.

Stop resisting change. It will be easier for you if you do this. If your expectations are high, and you have been fighting change, you will be disappointed. It’s a set-up, so pay attention.

Accept change. It will make you feel calmer instead of fighting change and other complicated issues all the time.

Embrace the wisdom of change because, first of all, there is nothing you can do to stop it. If you stop resisting change and see what you can learn from it and how it can or cannot affect you, you will feel more in charge of your life.

How you react to change is a bigger issue than change itself.

-Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria