Many people find it difficult to manage their stress levels. If you’re a manager or a business owner, you not only have to manage your stress levels; you also have to manage your team’s levels of stress. How do you deal with their discontentment, feelings of burnout and high anxiety levels?

Let’s be honest.

The workplace environment can be demanding – more so today than in times’ past. And, with so many people working in a 24/7 setting, it’s not uncommon to feel stressed out or anxious. It can be difficult to stay engaged, creative and productive constantly.

The reality is that this fast-paced environment is unlikely to change anytime soon. If you want to bring contentment and peace to your employees, you need to consider implementing an array of developmental activities that will help you and your employees become resilient, engaging, and productive and a host of other important things for your business to succeed.

One way is to focus attention on the employees’ development and personal growth. It is entirely possible for managers to inspire a workforce to become productive, healthy and happy. The way they do this is to allow employees to be creative, reveal their potential and support their productivity.

Is it your job as the manager, owner or leader to pay attention to your employees’ resilience and encourage them to break away from the “always-on” mindset? Absolutely!  All companies would like it if their employees would leave their personal life at home but the reality is that it doesn’t happen. The things that go on away from work will affect how people react on the job. If you want the company to be successful, you must focus on their mental and emotional stamina.

Here’s what you need to understand – personal development will encourage everybody in the job to be more engaging and produce higher levels of service. If you want your business (and team) to succeed, you must encourage people to take a break from their jobs, so they’ll want to come back and do their jobs.

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Joanne Victoria