Everyone counts or no one counts and you count!

Do you count? If so, decide how you count, what you contribute, and what you want in this world.

Do you want fame?

Do you want more money in your life?

Do you want a family?

Do you want to sail the ocean blue?

For all these and other questions you may have, the next step is to ask why?

Why do you want famous? How will it affect your life and what would you change about your life if you were famous?

Does fame fit in with your values? Anything you do, be, or have must, to succeed, be in alignment with your values.

What does your intuition say about fame? Does it feel comfortable? Feelings count as part of your awareness of all that is around you.

If you have aligned your values with fame, and your intuition sends messages that fame is OK for you, what is your plan?

You will not get anything in your life, along your path to fame, fortune, or family, unless you make a plan.

Follow these steps:

Choose what you want.

Check if what you want aligns with your values.

Check-in with your intuitive self and see if it aligns with your values and choice.

Make a plan.

Without a plan, you may not achieve what you want.

God provides the gifts, you provide the work.

That’s it.

~Joanne victoria

Joanne Victoria