We all talk and talk and talk, either in person or on Social Media. But do we listen or are we just hearing parts of what others are saying? Do we even care about what others are saying?

I think some people care and some don’t, as in many of life’s situations. If you are bored with the other individual, it’s highly likely you will not listen. If you are excited either about the conversation or the other person, you may listen better. To listen better is looking the other person in the eye and letting them see you doing the same thing.

Once you have someone’s eyes you have their soul. Of course, they could be deceiving you or taking an open-eyed nap; just do your best.

If your listening skills need work, here is something you can practice every day.

In order to listen, you must be quiet. You need to take time each day and be quiet. You can write and be quiet. You can listen to music and be quiet. You can sit in silence and be quiet. It’s vital to be calm and tranquil so your own mind can rest and not be judgmental. Not somebody else’s way, but your own. This is doing something differently than you’ve done it before.

Take the time, about twenty minutes per day, and be quiet. It takes practice to learn how to listen and you’ll find that there may be a change in your listening habits. There will then be a transformation in how you communicate with others.

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Joanne Victoria