It’s not about more education, more money or even more happiness.

It’s about what is missing in your life. What is missing may be elusive, it may be obvious. Either way, you must be clear about how your life is now in order to determine what is missing.

The ultimate goal is satisfaction and neutrality. If you are satisfied, you will no longer crave change. If you are neutral, anger and sadness are no longer a part of your life; there are fewer life extremes.

Satisfaction indicates you are content, happy and even joyous and thrilled. Not a bad place to be.

Neutrality can mean you are detached from the outcomes, that you do your job, live your life and are not in constant reactive mode.

Neutral means you don’t judge people; if they judge you, you remain calm and not jump right in with your perspective to see who is right. Being right seems to be a big thing now. If I don’t like you, I’m right! If I’m right it gives me the freedom to critique you as if I knew you! How absurd.

You know who you are. If you don’t, it’s time to figure it out.

What is missing in your life that prevents you from being neutral and satisfied?

Mostly it’s the ego. Let’s tell the truth here about your life and your work. Are you satisfied with your job, with your business, with your home life?

If not, clean it up. No need for any more whining. You are in charge, no one else.

If you are not satisfied with your job or business, what’s missing there? Are you depleted at the end of the day? Why?

It is important for you do create an inventory of your life to see how important things affect you.

What do you need to change to achieve satisfaction on a daily basis?

What’s missing?

The Be Your Authentic Self Program is here for you now.


Joanne Victoria