As a business owner, any day can bring surprises, not all of them are good or even great. There may be days that you just want to pull the blanket over your head or fly to a sunny location.

You may feel trapped by your busy schedule, your beliefs, and your own business.

What can you do that will inspire and motivate you to get up and look forward to your day? One is to have your Vision with a Capital V.

A Vision with a Capital V is bigger than a goal. A Vision can be as big as you want it to be. It is about your impact on the world and your community at large.

The other is to have a system. If you have a plan you will have results. If you do not have a plan, nothing may happen.

Most successful small business and professional practice owners and business leaders have a system. In fact, they may have several systems.

A system helps keep you focused, moves you forward and enables you to achieve outcomes.

Daily Dream Business System

Systems are vital to help keep you focused and organized. The Daily Dream Business System is probably the number one focal point to help keep your eye on the prize. For those of you who may have long to-do lists, completing only three tasks per day may seem insufficient.

Why only three tasks per day, you may ask. What you are doing with three tasks is to leverage your information.

You get to choose three daily tasks of High Value, principally wrapped around time, money and energy.

Daily Dream Business System activity examples:

What three tasks of High Value will you do each and every day to help you achieve your business dream?

Every Morning

Ask yourself the following:

What am I doing today to move me towards my Dream Business?

Morning Example: I will write a new article. I will create a list of 10 tweets for twitter to post. I will get a massage to relax me so I am ready for new prospects.

Joanne’s Vision Gem: One article can leverage your exposure multi-fold. You can publish it on all your social media,  post it on your blog, offer it to your Facebook friends and make it part of an upcoming book or special report.

See what I mean by leverage?

At the End of Your Day- Ask yourself the following:

What did I do today that would help me reach my Dream Business Goals and Vision?

The best-laid plans don’t always work out. You may find that you did nothing from your morning list. Relax. You did complete other tasks of value, so write these down.

End of the Day Example: Spoke with 2 new prospects. Attended networking meeting. Outlined one new article.

These extraneous completed tasks may not be what you wanted to do; however, you did complete them. As a reminder, start each day as a new day. Do not carry your other tasks forward to the next day unless you want to!

Consistency over time is the key. Apply these principles and you will improve in your business.



Joanne Victoria