If you are looking for the next big thing, your own Pet Rock, stop. Stop right now.

The money is right in front of you. The product you think you want, the Next Big Thing, uses up too much of your time in searching, defining and selling.

Look at what people want and need right now. That’s what you do. You also read as much as you can about this product so you know it inside and out.

You may think you want the next fad, however, you are wasting time in your attempts to ‘find’ it.

When Dawn liquid dishwasher soap was first placed on the market in 1972, it sold, day after day, year after year, with only minor changes in its scent and bottle design. Proctor & Gamble were happy.

What happened you ask? YOU happened. People changed in many ways including in how they washed dishes.

Consumers now practice the wash-as-you-go system instead of stacking them in the sink, then rinsing, then placing the dishes and silverware in the dishwasher, all nasty deeds.

Dawn Power Wash Dish Spray is designed to be sprayed directly on the dish and is said to break down burnt foods on contact. This new product is supposed to work five times faster than its prior iteration. Amazing!

Look around you. What do you already have in the way of something saleable, something that you can reframe and make into a better, newer version?

It took Proctor & Gamble almost 50 years to change its dishwashing soap adaptation.

I bet you can do it in less and either start your own business or add it to your existing product line.

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Joanne Victoria