We all know someone like this; sometimes we are that someone. The person that needs to be right, all the time.

Maybe on a bad day your low self-esteem kicks in for a bit and you need to be right. It’s a passing fancy. However, it’s the person that will argue all the time that they are right and, in most instances, declare it- ‘I’m right!’. And implied, is that you are not, right that is.

This attitude is based on fear and anger and they always defend their point of view, at all costs.

Some people always need to be right; they are never wrong. They hold strong on never being in doubt and will fight for the right to be right. We get righteous anger from them; truth is, they are out of balance so they take it out on others.

It is the inability to love oneself and the feeling of inadequacy that leads to this place of conditional love and fear. Their love to others is conditional and they unconsciously only expect the same in return.

At some point in their lives, a decision was made the they were wrong or not good enough. We can label it low self-esteem; the better truth is those who have need to be right all the time have made decisions that are harmful to them so they react in an angry, condescending manner in order to be right.

These people are in pain and are over-reacting in their communications with others.

They would be better placed to bring out the issues they erroneously believe about themselves and get on the path of self-love instead of self-hate.

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Joanne Victoria