Where did it go? Is it lost? Why can’t I find it? I need it now!

You are feeling negative thoughts and you are down in the dumps, yet again.

No, you have not gone crazy. I am talking about your magic, your mojo.

It is amazing how that magical bean seems to grow and grow when you are attacking a new project or relationship. Then, the letdown. Okay, you can handle the downside for a bit. But then it hangs around too long, you think everything in your life is over, you get dramatic (yet again!) until you realize your mojo, that magic, is still there, somewhere.

It has to be. Right?

But where and how will you get it back? You want to feel good, certainly better than you feel right now.

What to do?

Change it up a bit, your life that is. Look at what you do day in and day out. Yikes! Even that phrase is depressing! Day in and day out. How boring this makes you sound.

None of that. Again, back to basics What are your goals? Review them again. Are you following the steps to help you get what you want?

If so, change the steps as they are not working.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Check out your Life Vision; maybe it is time to adjust this too. Everything changes.

What have you determined in your past that you cannot, no way, cannot accomplish? Do it, put some energy into what you have told yourself you no way can do. Give it a try and your brain will make a change, a shift, so that you will see some light at the end of the tunnel

Your mojo has not disappeared, it hid from you because you needed to truly believe in yourself. You stopped for a while and things around you changed. Your mojo went under the couch into a dark corner.

Bring your mojo out of hiding and shine a light on who you are at your best and be that.

Be your Authentic Self here-



Joanne Victoria