Habits are both good and bad. Taking care of your personal needs, brushing your teeth, showering, eating healthy foods are good habits.

Excessive drinking is not a good habit. Yet many workers today as well as business owners indulge themselves to the point that they cannot function properly. They say it helps them get through their day.

We do many thinks on automatic – driving to work, that brushing your teeth activity, things you do not need to think about that allow you time to devote to creative thinking.

There is a reason you do anything you do including bad habits.

Mindless eating, especially that pizza at work every day; drinking too much so you can be more friendly to people after work. These are just cover-ups for the pain that is eating you up.

You need to replace any bad habit you have with something that will benefit you and the people around you. You cannot continue to numb your pain with food or drink.

You need to deal with your feelings, deal with the underlying problem before you can effectively replace an old negative habit with one that will work for you.

Write down what you think the reason is that you over eat, over exercise, over drink and spend too much time alone playing video games.

You are hiding from something and that is what you need to identify.

Make a commitment in writing to end the habits that no longer serve you.

Find a buddy or someone to talk this out with.

Or, you can contact me here. I’ll be glad to help-




Joanne Victoria