Overloaded with the weight of anger, frustration, panic and other debilitating issues? It is time for The Confession Diet!

Feeling overwhelmed with too much work, not enough time for yourself (the most important person in your Universe) and certainly not enough time for your family, it is time for The Confession Diet!

Aha! You are asking what is this new diet as you have never heard of this before!

No food involved, no buying expensive Keto products, no worrying about how much water you need to drink or fat you many need to eat or whatever the current diet is.

Get yourself a pad of paper, a pen and choose a quiet place to sit and be totally alone.

This is a confession and no one else needs to hear or read about it.

Because it is about your secrets. Yes, your secrets.

Your secrets are pervasive and cause a great deal of inflammation in your body and mind. This confession confronts you and you alone.

Write down all your secrets on this pad of paper.

Each secret has its own space.

Your secrets about your job, yourself, your friends and your family.

Just write. No intrusions.

Shut your phone off!

No interference from anyone.

If you think you have written down all your secrets, even the ones from school (!!!) review these pages and read them all aloud, for the last time.

Now you are ready to take these pages to your kitchen sink, get out a match or a lighter and burn them to a crisp. Disintegrate these pieces of paper as you burn your confession. Wash them down the drain.

Say bu-bye to these ashes and promise yourself you will re-do this exercise if you ever get caught up in turmoil again.

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Joanne Victoria