Winter weather in Seattle, Washington is highly variable, not only daily but from place to place. One day the weather may be all gray skies, on another day, the weather is sunny, clear and dry. Yet on other days it could be stormy, dark and rainy.

If you drive from one place to another, even as little as fifteen minutes, the weather changes still again.

Seattle and its surrounding areas are beautiful and appear strong and vital. It is always green except for certain plants that die out in the winter. All told, it is filled with energy and vibrancy. I love it here.

The Seattle weather is not unlike people. Each day may be different for you. You may have a grumpy day, a happy day, a sad day and maybe even a sickly day.

You are still a vibrant, energetic human being who is fundamentally strong, able to take the world by storm when you want to. Having different emotions day to day does not diminish your strengths.

As with the Seattle weather, I take it moment by moment, day by day; I still love it here.

You can also take your own self moment by moment, day by day, and know that there is nothing wrong with a sad, grumpy time in you rife. Underneath, you are strong and you know it.

Own it.

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Joanne Victoria