Have you been hemming and hawing about your many pursuits in your daily life, both work and with your family and friends?

It may be time for you to take an inventory of your life. Why an inventory? Because you may be stuck, rigid in place or too fluid as to where you are and where you want to go.

Are you ready to take back your life from bosses, managers, co-workers as well as friends and family who think you should live your life in a particular way, their particular way?

I love lists. You however, may not. Do it anyway. Consider it an easy way to get from here to there. Start this journey by getting pen and paper – yes, pen and paper, not a computer program – and make a list of what you no longer want to do in your life.

We want specifics here. If you say you do not like your job and you want to quit, stop for a minute. Is there any aspect of this job where you are succeeding? Do you have ongoing financial obligations that require you to stay at this or any job?

Is there a small part of your job you do like? If so, plan to enhance that factor. Now is not the time to quit your job. You are not clear on who you are and what you want. It may be that the job you currently have is the right job for you. There are still too many blocks to see things clearly. We need your mind to be focused, not reactive.

Next, take care of yourself, whatever that means to you. Again, make a list of what works best for you. It could be a game of golf, long baths, massages, eating cake or pizza (as a one-off), whatever; you know what works best for you. Book whatever you need to and become incredibly selfish.

Finally, create a plan that includes your heart’s desire, your endgame, your next adventure, your fulfilling life.

This abbreviated exercise costs you nothing but time and paper. Do it and see if there are any changes in your life.

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Joanne Victoria