Are you afraid of taking the next step in your life?

Fear gets in the way of accomplishing many things from moving out of your home at a tender age to removing yourself from situations that may harm you.

I recall an incident many years ago when, at the follow- up to a weekend retreat, the workshop leaders asked for an Area Manager to be in charge of a new group. I was instantly excited, of what I am not sure, but probably of doing something new and stimulating. I stood up in this large group and volunteered to be the Area Manager. But my fear took over and I invited another person to be my co-manager. Well, this was a shock to her and a bit to me as well. My fear kicked in and I didn’t think I could handle the unknown responsibilities involved.

All this was in my head in a split second.

The person I chose accepted the co-manager position with me and yet never did a scrap of work during our tenure.

I was afraid I could not handle the responsibility and live up to the standards exemplified by the workshop leaders.

God had other plans and, as stated, I was the sole manager of this group, at least in actions, but not on paper.

‘Courage is moving forward even if you feel afraid.’ – Joyce Meyer

Several months down the road, when I wanted to replace myself as Area Manager, and after a successful run, the powers that be of the workshop asked if both my co-manager and I were in sync about replacing ourselves. They generously reminded me that as co-managers, we were as one. I needed this other person’s permission to replace myself in this adventure! Wow! Did I just learn something about relationships and partnerships? I sure did.

Learning comes from the strangest places and fear may stand in the way, however, courage is something we all have, even if only half way. Partial courage is better than no courage at all. I learned many things from this adventure; this is one reason I am here today. Learn from everything in your life, good and bad. Everything takes courage.

Keep on keeping on and take a breath the next time someone asks you to volunteer!

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Joanne Victoria