Are you overworked or are you just coasting?

There’s always one if not more people at work who appear to be coasting more than others. They have time to play games on their computer, take a long lunch and leave early.

How do they do this while you have work from the minute you come in the office until the time you leave?

There are good things about coasting; you have less stress and very little chance of burnout.

If you work at 100% from beginning to the end of your day without a break, what does this say about your health and well-being?

A little coasting doesn’t hurt, although playing computer games, depending on the purpose of your company, may be over the top.

If you take on too much responsibility, your work may be unfinished or be of poor quality. There needs to be some balance here.

You can become so good at your job that the powers that be want you to stay in that position. Oh, yes, we can always count on Mary to get that job done. Don’t worry about her!

And the underlying message is to keep Mary in that job so at least the managers know something is getting done. It doesn’t matter what Mary wants.

If you are a high achiever, coasting may not work for you. High achievers have a tendency to become depressed if they are not stimulated by their job.

When it is slow with no projects looming, a bit of coasting can save your sanity. One cannot be on high all the time.

Too much constant pressure can be a big work problem. People should be paid for the work they accomplish, not for keeping their hands and minds busy for well over eight hours per day.

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Joanne Victoria