No matter how prepared we are or how many times we double-check our strategies, unforeseen occurrences may influence our path to success. Unexpected twists and turns can hamper our progress and stop us dead in our tracks, unless we have the confidence to move forward. The confidence necessary to conquer any challenge and achieve your dreams grows from releasing the power of your thoughts.

Clarity of purpose makes it easier to choose your next relevant action. When a challenge occurs, immediately ask yourself what’s the intent behind the next action you’ll take. Do you want more information? Do you want to move the process forward? Do you need additional resources?

Workers lose opportunities because they are unwilling to promote themselves to the people who have the power to promote them. Well, as you all know, things change.

There is always a need for clarity, never more so than when a worker wants a promotion.

IN order to get what you want in the workplace you must up any anti-social, non-verbal habits; this took a while. Broaden your workplace search. Check out other departments, other titles, new teams and different bosses.

Make your workplace world a bit larger. This is easy to do and no one will pay you much attention.

Clarity was the key. A place and a time for you to determine what really worked for you.

How much clarity about yourself do you have? The following will help.

Check out this FR^E report on 5 Steps to Achieve Work/Life Harmony


Joanne Victoria