Bill Hader plays ‘Barry’ in a self-described dark comedy on HBO. It stars Hader as the eponymous lead character, a Midwestern hitman who travels to Los Angeles, CA to kill someone and then finds himself joining the local arts scene. Barry finds himself in an acting class. One of the acting teacher’s quotes is ’We all act all the time.’ His implication is that we all take on roles that suit our purpose in the moment.

How many of us have said ‘I’m fine’ when asked how we are? Especially if we are not ‘fine’, but miserable. We put a smile on our faces, keep our true self, to our self, and we move on.

Barry wants another life role – he wants friends and he wants to have fun! But he doesn’t know how to do this.

So, Barry takes to heart what the acting teacher said and starts ‘acting’ how he wants his life to be. Acting like an actor, a boyfriend, a friend. Maybe Barry could use a little help and try this technique- it works for everyone.


Joanne Victoria