For most people celebrations are saved for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Optimism surrounds these celebrations with the purchase of food, drink and gifts and spending time with friends and family.

What else can we celebrate and why should we celebrate everything?

Celebrations make us feel better and happier especially when we are faced with daily stress.

Celebrations are a buffer between the real world and a world of sanity, well-being and joy.

We should all celebrate as much as we can to help ourselves have a better view of our surrounding world.

Celebrations help keep us sane!

You can celebrate that email from your boss that acknowledges your work and how beneficial it is to the company and how much you are appreciated. This will help build your confidence, motivation and create more loyalty.

You can celebrate the seasons, sans gifts, and enjoy the changes from winter to spring to summer, to the autumn leaves and back again. This can be glorious because you can then celebrate the different clothes you wear in each season. There is much to be grateful for, even weather!

Celebrate that you sold those glorious red satin shoes on E-bay! Imagine someone else enjoying them.

Celebrations help you live in the now, in the moment.

Celebrate getting up in the morning and making you day productive.

Celebrate you, every day.

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Joanne Victoria