As a manager, you have a lot of tasks to implement as well as keep your team productive and fulfilled.

Has one of your employees given you a rough draft of a project, and it’s not what you’re looking for? How do you address this? Instead of giving a document with notes on how to improve the project, consider a two-way feedback system.

With only notes to look at, your employee may wonder what more they must do to improve. Notes only go so far, but constructive criticism and feedback go a long way. It also helps to boost your team communication. How can you provide feedback to your employees that don’t put up more boundaries?

While verbal feedback is good, it’s the two-way conversation that encourages your employees to look within themselves. However, you should keep a record of what has been said using a task management system or an individual one. If you use task management software, you want the feedback to be seen by everybody involved with the project. This will boost efficiency within the company, leading to better communications and productivity.

 When your employees work together well, they often communicate better. Think back to your first job when you were the newbie and didn’t know anybody. Did you stand idly by, unsure of what to say to your colleagues?

You want to foster team spirit, encouraging them to talk to each other. This helps to establish comradery with your employees, allowing them to feel like they’re making an investment in the outcome. Many team bonding specialists encourage this to improve the channels of communications.

Consider implementing the casual Friday dress code or encourage them to have lunch together once a week. You want to do something that’ll break the ice between your employees and foster communication.

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Joanne Victoria