Keep the faith no matter what you are doing.

The first person you can and should trust is yourself. Why do you not have any faith in yourself to complete a project, have a relationship, and be happy and satisfied?

A Life Vision is like a light showing you the way toward what could be. Your Life Vision is truly a guide. Do not become attached to the Life Vision you first design; things always change and you have to be ready to adapt.

Belief is a different thing; sometimes people do not believe their Life Vison will come to fruition. They do not understand how their dreams could possibly become a reality. It is not about understanding; it is about faith and trust.

Once you complete listing your wants and needs, which could include releasing old wounds and negative patterns, determine what you are passionate about, and decide where you want to live, it can be very enlightening.

Make it the biggest Life Vision possible. If you shoot for the Moon in designing your Life Vision, you may hit a star.

The star is the light. You help shine a light onto what you truly want your life to be and along the way, miracles may occur.

As long as you have the Life Vision planning process, you have the opportunity to achieve magic on your path.

If you resist doing anything to help yourself, you will receive only what others offer you, without knowing if this will work for you.

Your Life Vision is owned by you and may change over time, especially if you pay attention to developing patterns yet it can also be magical.

Create your Life Vision, follow the path it takes you, make adjustments along the way, and always look for the light to guide you.

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Joanne Victoria