Your focus does not only determine your reality, it determines your greatness.

What is it with us people that we cannot focus on just one thing? Just ONE thing?!!

It’s that lack of focus that prevents us from being great.

By age seven, some say four, our patterns and beliefs have found their rut in our brains. SEVEN!! Does that mean that there are a bunch of seven-year-olds running the country, mega companies, and corporations? Yes! Would it be worse if they were four-year-old’s? That’s what some scientists believe, that our patterns and beliefs are in our rutted brain at the age of four.

Along the way, you may have picked up other habits and beliefs, however, they must serve and support the ones your parents and caregivers gave you when you were young. They must or you will go insane. That’s right insane.

We function on automatic and once we see something shiny and new, we go ‘I like that. I want that. Give that to me.’ This is our unconscious brain, NOT our subconscious brain.

Let me also say that for the most part, you are unaware of those beliefs that you are holding on to. I now make the rash decision that if you knew what was screwing up your life, you would change it.

How are these brain ruts screwing up your life? Because they are not your beliefs, just those handed down from generation to generation. ‘That’s the way we do it.’ Is a statement almost every one of us has heard more than once in our lives.

This is the formula that you cannot break, a pattern given to you by all your grands.

You will fail if you don’t give up the patterns and beliefs. You will work hard, strive to achieve, yet fail. If you know the other side of the coin, failure can be good.

Failure teaches us; success not so much. However, how can you learn from failure if your existing debilitating patterns are still at the forefront of your mind?

The upside of this is you CAN change your thinking. First, acknowledge that YOU are in charge of your life. Know that this is not personal, no one has a grudge against you. These existing habits and beliefs that you want to transform have been with you for a very long time. You (yes YOU!) planted a seed in the furrow of your brain, fed the seed with repetition and thoughts, kept the rut clean of weeds (other beliefs), and followed the path to where you are right now.

It is time to plant new seeds. Once you plant new seeds into a new rut, you will need to water, feed, weed, and follow this new path to a belief that YOU designed and created that is beneficial to you!

Know that beliefs overrule desires and get moving. Feed the new rut, starve the old rut.

Focus on the new thing that will make you great.

~Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria