Anger is a waste of time. I say that again and again, have written about it and stand behind it.

However, anger does some good in your life. It lets you know that you are alive.

Not depressed, not laying around in bed all day, but alive.

It is a beginning. A reminder – anger has a spectrum, going from irritability to rage.

Rage does no one any good but being irritated or frustrated or dismissive or critical is still a sign that life is within. This is a beginning.

If there is someone in your life that comes close to enraging you, end that relationship. If it is a co-worker, find another team to work on or get promoted out of that team. If you can handle being polite and respectful, you are home free.

It can also be difficult, especially if the one who stimulates your rage is a close family member.

Long-term anger affects your nervous system, liver and your brain. You can become hypertensive, depressed, volatile, even forgetful. People become mean-spirited, bullies, and descend into woeful acts.

To create a plan to move away from angry people is the best tactic to take.

If a family member is on your radar, avoid small group celebrations, except if in public.

You can do this. No one says (and who cares if they do) that you had to accept rage in your life.

Be sure you know the difference between frustration and rage.

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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria