Who and what is Generation Z? Are they different than Millennials? How do they work in this tech world of today?

If you watch Master Chef Junior, you have seen the beginning of Gen Z. The eight, nine and ten year-olds on this show, who have been cooking since they were three or four years old, are at the beginning of Gen Z, which is established at starting in approximately 1997 up to the 2010s.

They are a pragmatic group, especially on this show. They know what they want and how to get it. Millennials tend to be more idealistic in their views of life and work.

Gen Z people in the workforce know that communication is the (almost) number one skill necessary for success with problem solving a close second.

Gen Z individuals want to make money and save it which is different from Millennials who want to experience life on all its levels. Even though Gen Z has been exposed from birth to technology, they prefer face-to-face interaction at work and have no fear of working harder than some past generations.

Gen Z shares similar DNA to their grands and great-grands, mostly those of the Silent Generation, the generation after the end of WW II. Generations are cyclical with one being passionate, the next cynical, the following practical; these cycles are repeated So, everything old is new again. Again.

The Silent generation saw war and depression; Gen Z saw 9/11. Each of these generations like to bake, build, and were and are optimistic about the future.

We may do very well with Generation Z, which will continue to be the largest generation of any kind, over twenty-five per cent of the population.

When the kids on Master Chef Junior are asked how they learned to cook and who helped them, Grandmothers are the Number One go-to person they name. Of course, Mom comes in there at Number One or Number Two as well, but it is usually Grandma.

We are in for some interesting times and it is starting now.

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Joanne Victoria